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Used Minibus

Making an investment in a used minibus can be beneficial for both those looking to start a rental company, or to large families who are regular travellers. The range of minibuses available make them useful for many reasons; private hire firms find them a necessity in their service for taking groups of people around the UK on weekends away or airport transfers.

Used minibus types

Like cars, minibuses come in many shapes, colours and sizes, automatic and manual transmission and different engine sizes. The first consideration when buying a used minibus will be size; minibuses can start from small six, eight or nine seaters and range up to 30 seaters so your need for use will determine what sort of bus you purchase.

Some minibuses are made to provide access for wheelchairs with access under floor rear electric wheelchair lifts and can offer tracking for the equipment; usually tracking is available for up to four wheelchairs.

Many top names in the motoring trade build minibuses which can be picked up as used models, the most readily available are:
  • LDV
  • Ford
  • Mercedes
  • Renault
  • Vauxhall
  • Fiat
  • Volkswagen

Choosing a used minibus

Making a minibus purchase will need to be approached in the same as any other important purchase, research and a little bit of knowledge will go a long way. Also buying from a reputable dealer will stand you in good stead should anything go wrong with the vehicle.

Many dealers are signing up to The Good Garage Scheme which regulates garages and makes sure a high standard of service is set in place. People often have a perception of the motor trade that it does not offer value for money and cannot be trusted, of course this is only true in a small minority of dealers but those few reflect badly on the whole industry. The Good Garage Scheme was formed in 2006 and now has over three thousand members each of whom must adhere to a strict code of practice and offer a 50 point Industry Standard Service. A customer feedback system also means that customers can have peace of mind when choosing an independent dealer in their area.

A lot of dealers offer recent minibuses that come with 12 months MOT, three months parts and labour warranty and fully serviced to industry standards, having these benefits can be extremely beneficial when buying a used vehicle.

Condition of the minibus will be important, especially if the plan is to use it for hire, checking the vehicle over for good interior and making sure the paintwork and body or in good order is advisable. Mileage is an important factor; it is often the case that a used minibus will have covered a fair few miles, if it has a diesel engine then a fairly high mileage shouldn`t be a problem as long as regular services have been carried out. You should ask the dealer if you can take a look at the service history of any vehicles you are interested in.

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