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Buy a Minibus

With all of the lease, hire and rental options available on minibuses, people may be forgiven for forgetting that it is still an option to buy a minibus. There are many reasons that you may decide to buy a minibus; you could be part of a church group that have received funding to be able to purchase a new minibus or maybe you are looking to go into the hire or rental business and are looking to build up a fleet.

After a lease term

Many businesses and organisations choose to lease a minibus over a period of time and pay a monthly sum. After the term has ended the minibus must be returned but the lease company may give you different options; you can choose to continue to lease the bus at a lower price, lease a new vehicle or pay the remaining cost and buy the minibus outright. Buying a minibus after a lease term can mean you getting a modern and fully serviced vehicle at a much lower price than from a dealer. During the lease period the minibus will have been services and maintained by the lease company, this means you will be buying a vehicle that you know has a full service history. Familiarity also plays big part in the positives of buying a vehicle after the lease term, having used the bus throughout the term of the lease you will be comfortable with how is handles.

Used Minibus

Minibuses are big business and dealers right across the UK are keen to stock a range of used models alongside their new stock, buying from a dealer may lead you to paying somewhat of a higher price against private sellers but you will get a model that comes with a warranty and that is fully valeted to professional standards. Many dealers offering used minibuses advertise their stock online through their company website, looking at dealer websites can give you an idea what the buses look like, details of condition and mileage and price. Many dealers offer finance packages to people that are buying vehicles from them; this will allow you to spread the cost of payment into monthly sums.

When looking to buy a minibus that is used many people use auction sites such as Ebay and advertisement magazines such as Autotrader. Although you aren`t guaranteed to find the minibus you are looking for you may be able to pick up a cheap deal with prices significantly lower than that of a dealer.

New Minibus

A new minibus if you have the budget can be an excellent investment, for both personal and commercial use. Buying a new bus will mean you will receive the latest model on the market, complete with all of the latest facilities? Savings will be made on the fact for the first three years the bus is under warranty and requires no MOT, dealers will happy to cater to anyone that wants to buy a minibus new with a suitable finance scheme.

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