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Minibus Bar

Limousine hire and minibus hire are popular in the UK, especially for social occasions such as birthday parties, anniversaries or stag and hen parties; many people like the fact that a limousine has luxury features such as sound system, TV and a bar. One thing people do not realise is that minibuses can be hired and can include a minibus bar and all the facilities that a limo has and more. VIP minibuses can provide room for more people and can be a comfortable way to travel.

VIP Minibus

A VIP luxury minibus sets itself apart from a regular minibus thanks to its first class facilities; regular minibuses do not contain bars and although a VIP bus will cost a larger fee to rent, it is designed for luxury travel. VIP minibuses can offer comfortable couches to relax on, reclining seats, top of the range sound systems and many more features. Hiring a VIP bus complete with minibus bar will normally require the presence of a driver from the rental company; more often than not this will be a chauffeur. A chauffeur will be able to take you to your destination in style using driving experience to ensure the smoothest of journeys; they will also be able to handle any luggage on a passengerís behalf and follow passenger directions.

Benefits of a bar

Deciding to travel with a minibus bar can have it benefits for many occasions; you can choose what the bar is stocked with so that all drinks can be kept cool. Having a bar on board the bus does away with the need for constant stops for refreshments on long journeys, this beneficial if travelling through the night. Parties can hosted in a bus with a bar and drinks will be able to flow all night whilst everyone has a good time and enjoys the on board entertainment.

A minibus bar is not only for the use of parties and celebrations and it is not only useful for alcohol, in fact there several different ways that a bar is beneficial. People on long trips across the UK and Europe will benefit from having snacks and refreshments stocked in the bar that can be accessed at any time.

Sports teams often hire minibuses to travel to different events, having a bar on board is extremely beneficial. Sports stars will need to be constantly hydrated a having a fully stocked bar is essential. A minibus bar can also be stocked up with medical supplies that require refrigeration such as ice packs for sporting injuries.

Finding a mini bus with bar

Obviously a minibus bar will not be present in all buses and a lot of companies will not have buses in their fleet that can offer bar facilities, finding one will take some shopping around, using a minibus comparison website may lead to companies that supply the UK with minibuses that have bar facilities, rates are likely to be higher and availability will be more limited than a regular minibus.

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