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Renting a Minibus

Renting a minibus can be pretty straight forward thanks to the large number of companies offering their services; it also offers great benefits to travellers when it comes to overall cost.

Why rent a minibus?

When you weigh up all the factors, renting a minibus comes out on top for travel in the UK. The other options on the table will be car, train and plane. First of all, if you are looking to rent in minibus the chances are it is because there are too many people to travel by car; taking two or more cars on a trip to somewhere in the UK or into Europe can prove extremely costly in fuel and damaging to the environment.

Taking the train is a comfortable way to travel but is known for being incredibly expensive. Sometimes two or three different trains are required to get to a destination and it can prove stressful worrying about catching the next train on time and having to struggle with your luggage from train to train. Flying is an easy option and prices have dropped dramatically in recent years meaning cheap flights are available. The problem with flying is the length of time it takes to check in and wait around in airports to board your plain.

There are also the extra costs involved including paying for luggage, insurance charges and an inflight meal should you chose one. With renting a minibus it is simply a case of paying for it and away you go. Best of all the cost can be split between everyone travelling which can work out much cheaper than any other method of travelling.

Nationwide rental services

When renting a minibus there are companies that provide their service from depots all over the UK, these larger companies are amongst the best for standards. The overall aim of the company is to provide a customer with the best overall experience possible so that they reuse the service next time they need a minibus. Drivers that work for nationwide companies are trained to the highest levels not only in driving ability but customer service and professionalism; each new driver will undergo a drug test and show proof of PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) license and valid medical examination pass. Some drivers are also trained in first aid should anything happen to a passenger.

Renting a minibus from a nationwide service will allow you to be picked on time by a driver and collected whenever required 24 hours a day, self-drive nationwide services will also allow you to pick up the minibus from any depot in the UK and if you choose to, return it at a different depot. This can mean picking up a minibus in Aberdeen and being able to return it at Portsmouth, if you left a deposit with staff at the pick- up point it can be returned at the delivery point. Online booking is also a positive with nationwide services and can be done in minutes

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