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Cheap Minibus Rentals

Cheap minibus rental will depend on a lot of things. Type and size of the bus will play in huge part in prices, and research must be done in order to search out the cheapest prices. Renting minibuses is becoming more and more popular in the UK thanks to its low overall costs, and this is the reason it has led to more and more competition between companies offering cheap minibus rental; the more the more competition increases, the lower the prices become for customers.

Finding cheap minibus travel

Finding cheap minibus rental can be accomplished fairly easily, but finding the cheapest possible rental price may take more time. Before getting quotes on prices it is wise to know exactly what your travel plans are; making notes of how many people are travelling, to what destination and what facilities you require on board the bus are important.

The amount of people travelling will determine what size bus you require, minibuses can vary greatly in size, from eight to 30 seaters and the more seats needed the higher the price. If there is someone in the group that is wheelchair bound then a minibus with wheelchair facilities such as floor tracking, safety handles and a lift or ramp will be important. Other things that may be considered are an on board bar that can stock drinks and snacks; this can be beneficial for long trips but may demand a larger rental fee. VIP minibuses are available that house all of the features of a limousine such as TV, bar and sound system, they will also have reclining seats and tinted windows, a VIP minibus is the ultimate way to travel but will be hard to find a cheap price.

Choosing whether or not you require a driver will be important, a lot of companies only provide minibuses with a driver. A driver can be helpful for one way trips such as airport drop off or collection and travelling to a night club but they won`t be needed if you plan on having the minibus for several days on a holiday or weekend away.


Once you have your details in order you will be able to start enquiring about cheap minibus rental and getting some quotes in place. A good start to getting quotes without the need of calling different rental companies is by using a minibus comparison website. Not every company in the UK will be searchable through a comparison website but there are thousands of affiliated companies catering to every area. A good benefit of comparison websites is that you can complete you booking direct on-line through the website, companies signed up with these websites must follow strict policies with regards to standards of buses and licensing, this guarantees the customer a quality service.

Local independent companies can be a good place to find cheap minibus rental, you may find that they do not have the largest of fleets but they may be able to offer lower prices than some of the larger companies.

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