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Minibus Drivers

Minibus drivers are more in demand than ever thanks to the increase in people using minibuses as a mode of transport to travel in groups to airports and events. Many companies are offering the hire of minibuses, and many taxi companies have added minibuses to their fleet of cars. This has led to more and more fulltime jobs for minibus drivers across the UK. These jobs are often well paid and can offer good security as the popularity of minibuses doesn`t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Drivers are often required to work for voluntary organisations, churches and schools as well.


To be able to drive a minibus you will have to have a passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) category D1 licence. To gain this you will need to undergo training.

For those that do not already have a full driving license, a provisional license must be sought from the DVLA; once you have this license you will be able to book an appointment with a doctor to undergo a PCV medical examination. If the doctor clears you then you are able to move on and take the theory test. Full license drivers will be able to move on and take the PCV theory test whereas those with a provisional license will need to sit a regular theory test.


All potential minibus drivers who are planning on working for private and public hire firms carrying passengers in exchange for fares will be required to take the PCV theory test; this must be passed before the practical test is taken. The PCV theory is known as a CPC Module 1 as is divided in to two parts, the first part will be made up of 100 multiple choice questions and the second will be a hazard perception test which contains 19 interactive clips.

Minibus drivers who plan to make a living from their driving will in addition to the theory test need to take a case study test. This will involve a computer based exam with questions based on real life situations you may encounter in working life.

Upon the passing of the theory tests, potential drivers will be then able to take the practical test. It is possible to take a driver assessment prior to the test which acts as kind of a driving lesson and encounters different situations that may be present in the test. The actual test will work the same as a driving test with an assessor marking you of various elements of road driving, numerous manoeuvres such as reversing and parking will also be marked.

Driving without the need for PCV

Some cases allow drivers that are licensed to drive cars drive a minibus providing it has a maximum of 17 seats. If you have passed a driving test before 1997 then you will be able to drive a bus as long as it is strictly for non- profit purposes, any driving for hire or reward will not be allowed.

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