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Minibus Hire Prices

The thing that people look for most when hiring a minibus is the actual cost of hire; if minibus hire prices are too high then people are likely to be turned away. Too low and people question the quality of the service. Customers like to get as cheap a quote as possible without sacrificing on quality.


Mini bus hire prices will be determined by what your travel requirements are. You are not likely to be able to hire a 30 seater minibus for the same price as an eight seater; likewise you will not be able to hire a VIP minibus for the price of a luxury one. Before looking round for quotes make sure you know exactly what your travel requirements are; being clear on how many people are travelling and on what dates are important. You may find that hiring a minibus on a weekend is more costly than hiring on a weekday - if itís possible to travel during the week you may be able to save some pennies. Deciding whether or not you wish to have a driver is important as minibus hire prices will rise to cover the cost of a driver; having a chauffeur may impact even more on the cost.

Self-drive minibuses will save on the driver cost but will also be subject to a deposit charge which can be somewhere between £200 and £500. The deposit will be refunded upon on return of the bus but any damage caused whilst the bus is in your care may see your deposit withheld. Another thing to factor in is the fuel costs. Although many self-drive firms allow unlimited mileage during the time of hire and is hired out with a full tank of fuel, it will be the customerís responsibility to make sure that the minibus is returned with the same amount of fuel as it had when originally hired.


It is very rare that people settle for the first quote that is given for minibus hire prices, numerous companies are contacted either by phone or online to build up a list of quotes on the kind of minibus you require. Having a few quotes to hand can work in your favour when trying to find a cheap price for hire. To gain custom many companies offer to match or beat your lowest quote, this is something you should use to your advantage as it may mean you can hire a better minibus for a cheaper price.

The cheapest minibus hire prices are quite often in the quotes given on minibus comparison websites. By entering your travel information the database of the particular comparison site you are using will come up with a list of cheap hire in your area. This is a good way to find a service and you can also book the hire there and then, the downside is that comparison sites only promote companies that are affiliated to them, which means that there are still many minibus firms that could be lower priced.

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