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Minibus For Hire

Finding a minibus for hire and using it as a way to travel across the UK or Europe, especially if in a large group, can prove the most inexpensive way to travel. On top of this it is the friendliest to the environment as it does away with the need for cars. Splitting the cost between everyone on the bus means cheap travel whatever the destination.

Type of minibus

Minibuses can cater to the needs of many peoples travel requirements and can come in sizes to suit many group sizes. The smallest minibuses contain six to eight seats and are perfect for travelling to and from airport, larger minibuses with up to 30 seats are popular for people travelling to sporting events and festivals. As-well as people hiring minibuses, companies and corporations use them for travel to business seminars, minibuses are also regularly used by local transport companies to provide service on a regular bus route. Standard budget minibuses are available and luxury and VIP buses can have on board bars and music systems similar to a limousine. Schools also have a need for minibuses and may hire one for various educational trips.

Chauffeur driven minibuses

When searching for a minibus for hire you will find that some companies offer buses with a driver and some without, hiring a minibus complete with chauffeur can be one of the best ways to travel especially over longer distances. Having a chauffeur driven minibus can allow you to travel in comfort and relax while the bus takes you to your destination, chauffeurs are experts in driving passengers from place to place and their driving ability means that motion sickness is not a problem leaving everyone to enjoy the ride.

Many companies supply their minibus for hire complete with driver, drivers will be fully licensed to carry passengers and provide a friendly service including the helping of passengers on to the minibus and handling of luggage. Drivers will be experienced in travel and competent with directions, they will also take instructions from passengers with regard to comfort stops on long journeys.

Self- drive mini buses

If you come across “self- drive minibus for hire” advertisements, this will mean that the minibus available comes without a driver and will require the person hiring to drive or nominate someone who is able to drive the minibus. Although having a driver from the hire company can be stress free and a smooth drive, many people wish to have the use of the bus for a number of days and to have the freedom to travel wherever; if this is the case then self- drive may be the better option. Self- drive minibuses come in the same variety as private hire taxi and chauffeur companies buses do, the prices however will differ. Finding a minibus for hire that is self- drive may be cheaper that one with a driver as their will be no driver to pay for in the price, you will be required to pay a deposit for the hire which is refunded on return.

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